Kamani Kenya-A Legendary Success of the Zuri Group :: Kamani Kenya-Finest Hospitality

Kamani Kenya group have developed many luxurious hotels and resorts named under the brand name of Zuri and are known for providing the best hospitality services to the entire customers. Kamani Kenya is indeed a significant example of the success of the Zuri Group.

Zuri Group Global, the multinational conglomerate is best known for the rapidly expanding Zuri Hotels Resorts chain. Mr. Deepak Kamani expresses satisfaction over their impressive growth so far for Zuri Group of Kamani in Kenya and internationally at several other places. Deepak Kamani also announced aggressive expansion plans going forward. Promoted by a consortium of investors from the Middle East, the Zuri Group began its India operations in 1999 with their first hotel at Goa. Currently the group owns and operates six luxury hotel properties at various locations, be it Kamani Kenya or India or UK. After the progress of Kamani in Kenya, the Group is currently on an expansion path and is looking towards building a presence in more cities throughout India and the world. In order to establish its presence in more cities, the Kamani Kenya Group is keen on exploring the management model wherein existing properties will be taken over under management contracts, to be operated under the Zuri brand standards. In a short span, Zuri of Kamani Kenya has succeeded in establishing itself with a strong niche as a young and refreshing new brand of luxury hospitality.

A decade ago, the business interests of Kamani Kenya's Zuri Group Global were primarily based only in Africa and The UK. The decision to invest in India was spurred by the vast opportunities that the de-regulated economy presented and a desire to return to their roots. The Zuri Group of Kamani Kenya had always been keen on India in a big way. And being the third generation of the Kamani family, they were able to realize that dream in 1999. What has been particularly pleasing about the Kamani Kenya Group is how they've been able to drive growth and establish brand Zuri with a unique positioning even during the economic downturn. The Zuri brand is looking towards a future that promises great opportunity and growth. Their focus in the short term would be to establish their presence further in their current interests and expand in line with the broad directions that have already been laid out for the future. They see Kamani Kenya's brand Zuri being a trend setting leader in all areas that it has a presence in and charting new territories with each new venture. The goal of Kamani Kenya's Group is to see that Zuri is not just another brand out there, but one that evokes something really personal in every individual it touches.

Staying ahead of time and competitors, Mr. Deepak Kamani, an extraordinary business man has excelled in each field that he entered. Kamani Kenya's Group aims not only to achieve profit margins in his business, but is having multiple interests in various sectors such as hospitality, activities for education system growth, medical aid, real-estate, energy and floriculture which has expanded business of Kamani Kenya's brand across Europe, Asia and Africa.